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The RDRP DEX210 Aluminium Thumb Screws are CNC-machined from 7075-T6 aluminium, come gold anodised and laser etched to add cool looks to your DEX210 buggy. The thumb screws are slightly larger in size to make for easier handling when swapping battery packs. They are usable with the stock plastic as well as both the RDRP DEX210 Aluminium and Carbon Fibre Battery Plate and of course all other
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Revolution Design DEX210 Aluminium szárny tartó
2db, középmotoros verziónál használható
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Teljesen csereszabatos a gyári műanyag alkatrésszel, anyagából fakadóan strapabíróbb, valamint több bekötési pontja révén jobban állítható.
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The RDRP DEX210 Carbon Fibre Battery Plate is designed to replace the stock plastic battery hold down with a cooler looking and more functional solution. CNC-machined from high-quality carbon fibre the RDRP Aluminium Battery Plate holds the buggy's battery more securely and also adds that factory touch to your ride. The plate is usable with both the mid and rear motor configuration of the DEX210
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Revolution Design DEX210 Motorhütő szett
Durango DEX210 motorhütő
The RDRP Heat Sink Motor Plate for the Team Durango 210 series vehicles is a direct replacement for the stock part and offers an updated design in order to improve motor cooling. Milled-out sections in the motor and main gear area greatly improve the surface of the plate while the black colour not only gives a factory look but also makes for better heat dissipation. The plate is machined from
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The RDRP DEX210 Plus11 Aluminium Chassis is designed to replace the kit chassis with an 11 millimetre longer variant. Extensive testing showed that the Plus11 chassis outperforms both the standard length kit as well as all original or aftermarket +8mm chassis in terms of weight balance, jumping characteristics, handling and overall performance by creating a buggy that is easier to drive and easier
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Passt bei allen Team Durango 1/10 Fahrzeugen! TD330036 notwendig zur Montage der Dämpfer.   The DEX210 Titanium Shock Mount Long is designed to replace the kit's original steel shock mount or the screw, nut and plastic cap construction found on the newer 1/10th kits. The shock mount is of a 1-piece quick release design to allow for fast and easy setup changes by simply undoing the fastening nut on
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