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CS-Elecrtonic Tire Warmer



Product no.: C150101
Gyártó: CS-Electronic
45,000 Ft (145 €)

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C150101 CS Computer controlled Tire Heating System ITX W incl. Tire Caps Type-L 65mm

The CS-W-ITX is a computer controlled tire heating system for 1/10 touring car tires such as Sorex, Ride or VTEC. The temperature is digitally adjustable from 20-80° C (68-176 °F). For extreme heating additionally 100° C (212 °F) are available. The tires of the front and rear axle as well as left and right can be controlled individually or via a 2 - or 3-stage heating program.
Included are the tire caps type-L with 65mm diameter for a uniform heating of the tires. An extra-long DC cable with 90 cm allows flexible placement of the tire heating system at the work place.

3-Color Design:
The ITX-W can be subsequently adjusted by using different colored stickers to the design of your own racing team. The following designs:
# C150100-B sticker set ITX Wi-blue team for LRP / Tamiya
# C150100-O sticker set IIx W-orange for Team Xray / Serpent
# C150100-P sticker set ITX Wi-purple for Team Schumacher / Hot Boddies

Tire-Quick-Heating function
2-stage and 3-stage heating program
Lap-counting function
Blue backlit display
Car Stand

Input voltage: 7.2 to 15.0 V
Temperature range: 20-100 ° C (68-212 °F).
Electric Blankets: Cups Ø65mm Type L
Weight: 400g (excluding electric blankets)

A must for every touring car driver!