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VBC Lightning10 LM
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Welcome the world of exciting endurance racing!  The New VBC Racing Lightning 10 LM is base on the successful Lightning series pan car platform.  With simple, durable design yet highly tunable to suit different track condition.  Kit includes highly detailed body, BSR racing spec 1/10 pan car foam tires.  A true scale racer out of the box.   Features:   Lightweight 7075 aluminum alloy parts
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Előrendelhető, várható szállítás November 20-tól! VBC racing Wildfire D07 touring car.  With innovative design floating steering system, flex control of the chassis in different area, zero tolerance pulley system for ultra smooth drive train, all weight located at the center line of the chassis.    Features: 1:     Floating steering system to provide maximum flex to the chassis, yet provide a
Ára 118,900 Ft (360 €)